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Data Protection & Privacy

Buxton Methodist Church is committed to handling personal data in a secure and responsible way.



Download the Methodist Church Data Protection Policy here.

Download the Methodist Church Data Security Policy here.


Our Data Lead

Bridget Ball


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Data Protection in The Methodist Church

Health & Safety

Buxton Methodist Church is committed to ensuring its premises is safe for all to use.


Risk Assessments

Download our general risk assessment for building users here.

Download our fire safety risk assessment for building users here.

Download our risk assessment for using the kitchen here.

Committee Reports

Annual Church Council Report

Buxton Methodist Church Council Annual Report 2023


Annual Financial Report

Trustees Annual Report 2021-2022


Plastic-Free Pledge

In February 2020, Rev Andrew Parker, on behalf of Buxton Methodist Church, signed Transition Buxton’s plastic-free pledge. The pledge initially involves removing three items of single-use plastics from the church (and all of its room hirers). The three items chosen are cling film (and equivalents), plastic containers for cleaning products and single-use biros. This will be achieved by ceasing to use them, using sustainable alternatives and reusing refillable items.


Energy Use

Our Property Committee has worked to reduce the church’s energy consumption by using LED lights, better batteries, draught lobbies and by making improvements to our windows. Furthermore, we installed solar panels in 2017.



There is a set of Transition Buxton’s hard-to-recycle item bins by our kitchen. The items you can put in the bins include crisp, other snacks and confectionary packaging, dental products and their packaging, biros and baby food pouches. See the bin lid labels for further details.