Older People

Please find below the details of the activities we deliver for the older members of our church family.

House Groups

House groups are a great way to deepen our Christian faith and understanding by Bible study and discussion.

We look at how we, as individuals, and as a church, can be more fully the people of God. We also offer prayer support to members of the group.

We have two House Groups which meet at different times and various locations.

Please contact the minister for further details.


Stuck in the Middle With You!

The Inbetweeners is a very informal social group with members in the ‘middle generations’ who feel themselves too old for youth club and not yet ready to join U3A!

We aim to get together around once a month for activities such as a Sunday afternoon walk, or attending a local music concert or art gallery preview nights. We take it in turn to organise and host events – summer barbeques are particularly popular, and like all good parties, end up with everyone in the kitchen!

Very gradually the Inbetweeners are getting more involved in church life – joining church committees and taking on some ‘church jobs’, such as shadowing the caretakers and becoming welcoming stewards. Some members have attended ‘believing and belonging’ sessions and find Inbetweeners gatherings to be an opportunity to talk to others about their journey into faith. More often though, conversations rotate around ‘non-church’ matters, such as managing the work-life balance (or life without work), coping with growing children and aging parents, and where to go on holiday. All the usual stuff of working age people who lead busy lives, who find refreshment through sharing life’s ups and downs with like-minded friends and relations.

Please contact us to find out more about the Inbetweeners and to be added to the group email list to receive invitations to activities and general church news of relevance to the group, as well as to make suggestions for activities, to offer to organise one, or to put your name down to come along.